Eugenio Ferrari
XVII Peruvian Geological Congress

The XVII Peruvian Geological Congress' Organizing Committee is pleased to invite the geological community to take part in this year's most important Earth Sciences event, to be held between the 12 -15 October at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), in Lima.

It is through the slogan that has been chosen for this Congress that we wish to pay homage to Alberto Benavides de la Quintana, an outstanding geologist, successful mining entrepreneur, past-president and generous benefactor of the Sociedad Geológica del Perú, who sadly passed away at the beginning of this year. Don Alberto's exemplary life, inundated with professional talent and many virtues, will continue to live on not only for those of us who had the honor of knowing him but also for future generations of geologists.

Our aim is to make the XVII Peruvian Geological Congress a meeting point at which to share and discuss the results of the basic and applied research work being carried out in the different fields of geoscience; to foster an attitude of collaboration among researchers, professionals working in the industry and students; to present the progress being made by exploration projects and to promote the liaison between scientific research being carried out at universities and institutes and the industry. During the event, there will be oral presentations of research studies, posters covering 15 different subjects and keynote lectures given by renowned Peruvian and foreign geologists. The event will also be offering refresher courses, symposiums and field trips to geological sites of interest, exploration projects and ore deposits. The technological exhibit to take place in parallel to the event, will give participants a chance to exhibit and market their services and goods, and also inform them about new technological developments.

The Congress contemplates giving university students a special place in the event and we hope to secure their active participation. The Organizing Committee is committed to the development of a new generation of geologists and it is for this reason that we have set up a financial and logistical assistance program for students who are interested in submitting studies or forming part of Student Volunteer Program. On the other hand, sponsor organizations and companies will have the opportunity of interacting with recent graduates and final year geology students so as to identify young talents and provide information about development programs for young professionals.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, the Advisory Committee and the team of volunteers, I would like to warmly welcome our members, friends and the geological community in general to this XVII Peruvian Geological Congress.


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